Strange things to advertise online


In today’s online shopping world, it is sometimes difficult to tell what is what. That there are some things that people look for online and some things that people just expect to remain in a brick and mortar building. One of my colleagues is a representative for a swimming pool service, which is traditionally a brick and mortar business. When I asked her how she is dealing with the new world of online shopping, she had interesting things to posit to the conversation.

Online shopping has become such a craze that even businesses that are almost exclusively offline have to make adjustments. Websites must be built, and advertising campaigns must be brought digital. Even though the customers base is often people that do not online shop much for their pool supplies, you must cater to that audience in this new world.

The question is

The question is whether all businesses need at least some sort of online presence, and I believe the answer to that is yes. That each business now needs to compete with online companies that may even offer the same services. I know from my generation that if people cannot find you online, they usually cannot find you. That most people will type in a quick search online in order to find what they are looking for and in the event that they cannot find you, they will simply pick someone else.

It is something that every company needs to think about in order to compete in this new world of online shopping. By understanding that there has been a shift in the way in which things are done, companies can now begin to better organize and adopt to the times. It is not ideal for everyone, but online shopping is here to stay and when it comes to advertising, you had better know what is going on.

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