When the change happened


I remember a time during my life when the internet did not exist, and I had to shop the old fashioned way. For many of us, we hardly remember the time where we could not simply order anything we can possibly imagine and have it delivered directly to our doorstep. When the changed happened is sort of a complex thing. The internet has always had a shopping element, but it only recently reached the level that is has.

My best guess is within the last few years is when we reached the level of convenience we have now. It started with AOL and ended with Amazon. Realizing that there was a demand for convenience and that it became possible is quite the advent, and something that we likely cannot live without today. Amazon is such a great service for many, and here’s why.

Convenience without cost

There is little cost associated with using Amazon. Whether you live in central New York or a rural area in Arkansas, there is little difference to the availability of the products. Think about back in the day when the rural community had to drive lord knows how far for certain products, which now they do not have to. This has made the world a more even place in that people have access to the same items without having to leave the house. The change is something that everyone can agree is a good thing, and when it happened it changed the world to a great extent.

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