The great shift


Online shopping has changed the way we consume for a few different reasons. The first is that it has brought products right to our door with little effort at all while giving us better deals through competition. This may be the largest change in shopping ever and the world is still trying to adjust to it. Luckily, the system seems to be working, and people are getting the products they want at the price that they want. But there is more to online shopping than just availability.

Online shopping has also given people access to something even more important than products, and that is knowledge. Online reviews are a great way to learn what you are buying before you get it. If products do not live up to the standards that people expect, people are totally willing to let other consumers know.

Beyond that

Online shopping has given our culture a new view on how we judge products. Having worked closely with a local company that brews Michigan craft beer, I learned that their business essentially became what it is due to online reviews. They themselves put out reviews of other ciders, which people seemed to appreciate and add to. As a result, customers tried all of the ciders that they could and gave their honest opinion.

Perhaps the most important review was for their biggest competitor. Their legitimately objective reviews for Angry Orchard were so endearing to customers that they voted them the best hard cider in the area. It was this transparency and honesty that the consumers gravitated toward. Online shopping has created a more educated and well read version of consumer, which makes it essential to produce products that perform and live up to their standards. Inferior products will no longer please the new version of educated consumer.

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