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There is no doubt that the world as a whole has changed dramatically since the advent of the internet. People are now better connected than ever and the digital world is here to stay. What this does for people is make information more accessible and products easier to obtain, and in that there are a few companies that have established themselves as the best around as it pertains to harnessing the digital age.

Google and Amazon are the two that come to mind in terms of making the most of the internet boom and monetizing their innovations. From self driving cars to augmented reality glasses, Google is one of the riches companies in the world, and one that continues to lead the innovations of the future.

But do not forget

That in order to distribute these products, you need a company that understands the idea of online sales and does its best to make sure the people know it. This is where Amazon comes in. Order any product you want from around the world and have it shipped to your door. What could be better?

Amazon and Google both understand their position in this new digital world and are delivering on their promise of quality. Say what you want about their profits, but these are two companies that understand what it means to be innovators in a new age and people have responded by opening their wallets to these two companies gladly and with the trust that they will not fail.

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