Finding a niche


Online shopping has become the new normal when it comes to people making purchases. What is great for the consumer is that they now have a ton of different outlets to choose from, each competing with one another for the best price. On the other hand, what you get is a wide variety of companies trying to carve out their own niche in order to get noticed in the online world, which can lead to a lot of confusion.

The best thing for companies and consumers to do is know what they are looking for. One of my friends, one that works at a company specializing in blacktop sealcoating gave me some great insight on what both of the online shopping parties need to do in order to make the industry even better, which was to truly know where your place lies.

Finding your place

It is no secret that the online shopping world is getting more confusing by the day. Companies and customers are both looking to maximize their experience, and there are competing interests at play when it comes to finding your place in the cyber world. What companies can do is to better know what their demographic of customers is looking for and advertise to that.

Advertising is something else that can be a muddled mess. So many advertisements are intrusive and require an ad blocker in order to circumvent. There needs to be a better way for companies to reach their customers, one that does not impede on their ability to have a pleasant online experience.


The world of online shopping is not perfect, but with the right amount of time and dedication, customers can give companies better feedback on what to advertise, and companies can do a better job of filling that need.

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