Wealth of variety


Online shopping is something that we often take for granted, at least those of us that grew up before the internet was what it is today. I remember having to go to physical locations in order to find products. If the store was too far away, I did not get the best deal. If the store did not have the product I wanted, I either needed to drive to a different store or wait. Nowadays, think about the last time these problems inconvenienced you.

What you get is everything you’ve ever wanted at your fingertips. There is something about the way in which we shop today that many people take for granted. Those of us that grew up during the Internet age know that we can find anything we want without even looking.

The new age

The only problem with the new age is that you get a few companies that are essentially cornering the market in online shopping. Amazon and a few other companies control a great percentage of commerce, which leaves little room for mom and pop shops. Even though this has happened in the past with big chains, online shopping does not help.

However, this is the world in which we live. Most people will take products that are readily available over stores in brick and mortar locations doing better. In order to achieve the best possible shopping experience, we must temper the two in order to reach a balance where everyone can win.

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