Strange things to advertise online

In today’s online shopping world, it is sometimes difficult to tell what is what. That there are some things that people look for online and some things that people just expect to remain in a brick and mortar building. One of my colleagues is a representative for a swimming pool service, which is traditionally a … [Read more…]

When the change happened

I remember a time during my life when the internet did not exist, and I had to shop the old fashioned way. For many of us, we hardly remember the time where we could not simply order anything we can possibly imagine and have it delivered directly to our doorstep. When the changed happened is … [Read more…]

The great shift

Online shopping has changed the way we consume for a few different reasons. The first is that it has brought products right to our door with little effort at all while giving us better deals through competition. This may be the largest change in shopping ever and the world is still trying to adjust to … [Read more…]

Our future overlords

There is no doubt that the world as a whole has changed dramatically since the advent of the internet. People are now better connected than ever and the digital world is here to stay. What this does for people is make information more accessible and products easier to obtain, and in that there are a … [Read more…]

Finding a niche

Online shopping has become the new normal when it comes to people making purchases. What is great for the consumer is that they now have a ton of different outlets to choose from, each competing with one another for the best price. On the other hand, what you get is a wide variety of companies … [Read more…]

The new face of shopping

The digital age has changed pretty much every aspect of our lives, and shopping might just be one of the arenas in which it has changed the world the most. Online shopping is something that virtually everyone does, and has made the way that we consume much more different than in the past. The obvious … [Read more…]

The speed of commerce

One thing to remember about online shopping is that unlike regular shopping, it has not always been around. There was a time when people needed to visit actual locations in order to pick up products, and in that, competition was much different. As a capitalist society, our idea of commerce is that businesses offer consumers … [Read more…]

Knowing where to look

Online shopping is all about knowing how it has changed the way we consume. In a time before the Internet, it was pretty easy to know where to look simply because there were certain stores that carried certain items. If you needed tools, you went to a hardware store, if you needed computer parts, you … [Read more…]

The fast paced world of shopping

When people think about shopping, they do not necessarily think about a fast paced environment that people need to stay on top of. The world that we live in is so fast paced in every other aspect, shopping is often a way for us to relax and take it easy while spending our hard earned … [Read more…]

Wealth of variety

Online shopping is something that we often take for granted, at least those of us that grew up before the internet was what it is today. I remember having to go to physical locations in order to find products. If the store was too far away, I did not get the best deal. If the … [Read more…]